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Grape: 100% Barbera

Region: Italy> Piedmont> D’asti N0tes:

Biodynamic organic, Medium-smooth tannins. Medium acidity.

The name of the wine, Asinoi, is a combination of Asino (donkey) and Noi (us), a reference to winemaker Bruna Ferro’s second vocation raising donkeys. This is 100% Barbera grape from 30 year old vines, is farmed biodynamically, with a long fermantation and brief aging in stainless steel tanks. Light and elegant with refreshing, clear flavors of red berries and bright acidity. The persisting earthiness adds dimension, and places this charming wine above just another pretty wine.

Food Pairing: Very versatile from meat dishes, burgers to pizza and pasta. 750ml


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