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Made from Malvasia Bianca grapes. Exotically scented, reminiscent of jasmine, lime and elderflower, and yet the finish is very crisp and clean and dry.

This is an outrageously aromatic Italian variety of Malvasia Bianca.  It was brought over from Calabria in the 1900s  and is now planted in southern Monterey County on shale, decomposed granite and clay. This variety thrives in climates that resemble its ancestral homeland, and the warm, sunny days and cold, fresh nights blanketed in fog from Monterey Bay allow it to preserve freshness and detail. Lower temperatures in the fall slowed ripening a wee bit- a blessing with aromatic varieties.  Picked at night in early October.  Malvasia is very explicit as to its signaling maturity – these grapes let you know when they are ready. The flavor spectrum includes flowers, sweet
citrus, and still a touch of mint.  Some skin contact overnight, then press at lunchtime the next day and ferment very cool and slowly in stainless until it’s dry.


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